Every family has secrets, but Thomas Murphy never expected to uncover one that could change his life forever.

Thomas Murphy’s life was all planned out. Finish school. Get a job at his father’s firm. Marry a nice girl and settle down. Safe. Secure. And utterly boring. Brought up in a strict household by parents who shun everything progressive, Thomas can only watch the skies and dream of running away to join the crew of an airship and explore the great unknown beyond the streets of London.

But the discovery of a glowing pocketwatch hidden in his father’s study will lead him on a dangerous path—one that will take him to the skies above the only world he knows and throw him into treacherous company, and make him part of a plot that threatens everything he loves.

From the cobbled streets of Victorian London to the skies high above, one-click now to let The Clockwork Conspiracy take you away on a thrilling steampunk adventure!


“When the skies thunder with cannon fire, the Phantom Saber is close at hand…”

The legends of great airship captains all have one thing in common: A ship unlike any other. The Phantom Saber.

Ships know no loyalty, but privateers, air pirates, vagabonds, thieves, and merchants all answer to someone…

Step aboard the decks of the most feared ship in the Queen’s Merchant Navy and experience the adventures of hidden royalty, pirates, privateers, thieves, murderers, stowaways, merchant sailors and more.

Will you be brave enough to join the crews of the Phantom Saber?

Airship Legends is a limited edition anthology of steampunk stories from International and USA Today bestselling authors set upon the decks of the Phantom Saber.

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