Tales of Naimonet


Book 3: Heir of Windacre

“They say that crowns are reserved for those born to rule. That jewels are the realm of those to whom they have been willed. But in Windacre, that has never been true.”

As the only kingdom in Naimonet without a hereditary kingship, Windacre is unique. For centuries it has been a powerful kingdom made rich by trade routes and alliances, a place where loyalty is a valuable commodity.

Every eighteen years a tournament is held to choose the next heir of Windacre. But the King of Windacre has died unexpectedly, and a tournament must be held to decide who will take the crown, but as the preparations are made and the contestants are chosen it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary tournament, and the winner will be no ordinary ruler.

A choice must be made, but a battle between those who were previously deemed unworthy breaks out, and the strongest among them must complete for the right to rule.

Reina Sharpe was never supposed to compete, but when a twist of fate lands her in the middle of the tournament, she finds herself in a battle for the crown, and her life.

Book 2: A Captive Heart

A heartbroken princess in search of an answer to her prayers will sacrifice anything to have her love restored… but what if the price is too high?

A princess of Rayterre, Avenie has been sent to the Jasper Belt to marry the only son of the aging king. But Avenie’s happiness is not to last. Days before their wedding, The Red Prince is called away on a diplomatic mission, never to be seen again.

Unable to return home to Rayterre, Avenie has become a Princess of the Jasper Fortress, a bargaining chip in the games of politics that the rulers of the island kingdoms play. She has been promised to another to solidify an alliance between kingdoms, but Avenie cannot imagine a life with anyone but her lost prince.

A perilous journey that will change her destiny once more.

The Decaying Isles, a decrepit chain of small islands plagued by earthquakes is rumored to be inhabited by a witch who will grant a wish in exchange for a fee. Avenie must choose between a life that has been decided for her… and hope.

Tales of Naimonet: Spellbound by Thalia Blake

Book 1: SpellBound

Two princesses in search of a future of their own choosing.
A vision of a sapphire crown with waves crashing against dark rocky cliffs has brought Merione and her sister Ezabelle to the faraway island of Mulrane in search of a destiny that is worth living.

Destiny comes at a price.
When Ezabelle becomes Queen of Mulrane, can Merione rely on the bond of sisterhood to save her from uncertainty, and her sister’s wrath? Cursed by the disgraced mage of Mulrane, Merione must choose between her sister and a prophecy that will put a new king on the throne.

From the sunny shores of Rayterre to the bitter snows of Rosfaill, Naimonet is waiting for you…

Enter the world of Naimonet where fantasy, loyalty, desperation, and prophecy will sweep you away. Begin your adventure with Spellbound: Book 1 of the Tales of Naimonet.

This 74,000 word young adult novel is suitable for all ages. It can be read as a standalone, contains no cliffhanger and features a Happily Ever After you won’t see coming.